june 20, 2013

lots going on... 

first, excited to announce that ben monder’s “hydra” (featuring theo bleckmann, ted poor, john patittucci, skuli sverrisson and gian slater) which i engineered, mixed, and co-produced will be released on july 30th on sunnyside records.  click the album cover below to check out a sample on sunnyside’s page, then go buy the record on the 30th!  

next: tim berne’s working quartet (with matt mitchell, oscar noriega, and ches smith) has recorded a follow-up to 2012’s snakeoil.  i engineered the recording at the clubhouse in rhinebeck ny,  release is scheduled for october 1. 

in related news, pianist matt mitchell’s “fiction”, a collection of wonderfully intense etudes for piano and drums is due out on pi recordings september 24th. ches smith on drums, i engineered, david torn produced/mixed.

bassist mark dresser has a new quintet record coming out on clean feed records this summer, called “nourishments”, which i engineered, mixed, and mastered.  the recording features rudresh mahanthappa (as), tom rainey (dr), denman maroney (pn), and michael dessen (tb).

other things:  mastered a double LP of new experimental chamber works for my friend beau sievers and his new record label, indexical.  the recording will be released on vinyl and digital download at the end of june.  i am also wrapping up mixing and mastering on dutch trumpeter sanne van hek’s “network of stoppages” a wild album of hyper-edited/improvised/composed/processed pieces due out later this year.

lastly, i’m happy to announce that our mixing studio in brooklyn has added a new partner: producer/engineer/composer alexander overington. alex is currently working on records for pianist david virelles and drummer marcus gilmore, and is responsible for the production of guitarist rafiq bhatia’s debut record “yes it will.”  he also brings along with him a host of new toys for the studio.

october 9, 2012

5 new records i mixed, engineered, and/or mastered are released:

paradoxical frog: union [clean feed]

michael attias: spun tree [clean feed]

9volt: open circuit [outnow recordings]

maroney/ilgenfritz/nescier/drury: mind games [outnow recordings]

craig brann: advent[ure] [steeplechase]



october 20, 2013

a few recent records that i engineered and/or mixed and/or produced:

tim berne’s “shadow man”, on ecm records: 




                                                                  wall street journal

                                                                  new york times

                                                                  all about jazz

                                                                  search and restore


pianist matt mitchell’s “fiction”, on pi recordings:



                                                                new york times

                                                                all about jazz

                                                                search and restore

ben monder’s “hydra”, on sunnyside records:




                                                                new york times

                                                                boston globe

                                                                ottawa citizen


mark dresser’s “nourishments”, on clean feed records:


                                                                all about jazz 1

                                                                all about jazz 2


december 4, 2013

three records i worked on this year made the downbeat magazine “best albums of 2013”.

mark dresser / nourishments



ben monder / hydra 



matt mitchell / fiction




january 4, 2014

excited to announce that my group the cellar and point will finally release its debut record, ambit, on cuneiform in 2014. the album includes 6 original compositions, co-written by myself and guitarist chris botta from 2005-2009, as well as arrangements of canons by anton webern and györgy ligeti.  much more info on the release, as well as some previews of the record, are on the way.

also, on the engineering/mixing front: tim berne’s shadow man, mark dresser’s nourishments, and matt mitchell’s fiction all made the npr jazz critic’s poll: best music of 2013.


april 10, 2014

ben monder / hydra

press round-up

downbeat magazine

★★★★1/2, best albums of 2013.

“...detailed sonic landscapes of mystery and power”

montreal gazzette

“hydra is an album that makes you sit up in awe at

the patience and skill required to build this undulating

psychedelic-church lattice... it gets better — more

profound — with each listen.”

the new york times

“it’s easy to wax poetic about the impression created by this labyrinthine but changeable chamber music; let’s lose our inhibitions and say it suggests the pointillist shimmer of waning light over a tidal surface.”

jazz in europe

“sound engineer and producer joe branciforte creates a delicately balanced band-sound. throughout the album the band appears as one vibrating sonic body... hydra is a musical voyage of austere beauty.”

village voice

#3 Jazz Album of 2013

“...a prog rock-tinged jewel of an album that often suggests what brian wilson might have heard in his deepest sandbox reveries”

stereophile magazine: 

sonics, ★★★★★; performance, ★★★★★

“the sound captures every intimate string squeak, fat bass tone, warp-speed ensemble passage, and ghostly vocal swell.”


“...radiantly produced.”

all music


“...a highly engaging and unique recording that ranks as one of Monder’s best.”

philadelphia city paper

#5 on top ten jazz albums of 2013

“[a] stunning, personal statement. the uncategorizable hydra folds elements of prog rock, ambient music and choral composition into a collection that unfolds with the wonder and surprise of an unforgettable journey”

the new york city jazz record

best of 2013, albums of the year

august 1, 2014



august 9, 2014

white cylinder (a) - pre-release track from “ambit” via cuneiform records:

october 7th, 2014

october 14th, 2014

the cellar and point’s debut record, AMBIT is out now on cuneiform records. This has been an ongoing project for the last several years and i am very happy it is finally being released. i co-wrote most of the music on the record, played drums (+ some piano, moog, wurli, &c.) on it, and also produced, engineered, and mixed the project. you can pick up a copy via one of the outlets below, or at an upcoming show.

Here are some recent reviews/features on AMBIT:

december 21, 2014

rehearsal for an upcoming performance of morton feldman’s piano and string quartet. this will be part of a series that THE CELLAR AND POINT is curating at spectrum in january.

i’ll be performing on piano with an all-star string quartet: christopher otto and john pickford richards (jack quartet), mariel roberts (mivos quartet), and pauline kim harris (string noise).

info/tickets here: http://www.thecellarandpoint.com/presents.html





november 25, 2014

two great new records that I got to mix over the past year are out now.


the first is guitarist nate radley’s morphoses, featuring ted poor (drums), loren stillman (saxophone), and matt pavolka (bass), with nate playing electric and acoustic guitars plus lap steel. a beautiful atmosphere on this record, which was recorded at the bunker studio. it was also one of the first records I mixed through our shadow hills equinox/apogee symphony setup. You can pick up a copy on amazon or itunes.

second: a new record by incredible contrabassist/composer florent ghys, called télévision. florent’s 2011 record baroque tardif was a personal favorite - so i was excited when florent got in touch about some additional mixing work on this new album.

télévision features 13 new pieces combining multitracked alto double-bass, voices, guitar, percussion, and tv samples. florent has taken the extra step of creating unique video compositions for each track on the record (or maybe it's the other way around?). i heartily recommend heading over to his site and checking these out for a dose of inspiration.

the physical release is available via cantaloupe records, with digital downloads at bandcamp and itunes.

january 3, 2015

in addition to appearances at nyc’s winter jazzfest and apple store soho, the cellar and point is curating 4 nights at spectrum nyc. i’ll be making a special appearance on piano on january 11 for morton feldman’s piano and string quartet.

january 9

9pm / the cellar and point presents: ben monder / spectrum nyc

january 10

1pm / the cellar and point / itunes live / apple store soho

1:15am / the cellar and point / winter jazzfest / the player’s theater

january 11

9pm / the cellar and point presents: morton feldman’s piano and string quartet / spectrum nyc

january 16

9pm / the cellar and point presents: judith Berkson / spectrum nyc

january 18

9pm / the cellar and point presents: taylor deupree/marcus fischer / spectrum nyc


january 8, 2015

interview with wbgo’s the checkout.


“multi-instrumentalist and sound designer joseph branciforte talks with simon rentner about the album
Ambit, which features the ‘garage chamber music’ of his group the cellar and point.”


february 10, 2015

special configuration of THE CELLAR AND POINT performing at the metropolitan museum of art.




august 15, 2014

in antwerp, belgium mixing front-of-house for vijay iyer’s residency at the jazz middelheim festival.


january 6, 2015

location recording tonight: matt mitchell quartet at the jazz gallery (with chris speed, dan weiss, and chris tordini).


october 19th, 2014

producing/engineering a session for thingNY at the bunker in williamsburg. some wild music by paul pinto and erin rogers.

the cellar and point will release ambit on cuneiform records on october 14th, 2014. it includes 7 pieces written by myself and chris botta from 2006-2011, as well as two of our arrangements of composers györgy ligeti and anton webern respectively. i produced, mixed, and mastered the recording.

the band includes joseph bergen on vibraphone, christopher otto and kevin mcarland (jack quartet) on violin and cello, terrence mcmanus on electric guitars, rufus philpot on bass, chris botta on acoustic/electric guitars and banjo, and myself on drums. we've been working on this music for a few years now and are super-excited for it to finally see the light of day.

for some more info on the group as well as upcoming sample tracks/videos, please visit our FB page at: http://www.facebook.com/thecellarandpoint

the band also now has an official website with a press release, announced tour dates, and photos: http://www.thecellarandpoint.com

august 1, 2015

on location last night at the jazz gallery, recording a new ingrid laubrock quintet (with tom rainey, eivind opsvik, michael formanek, & vincent chancey). maiden voyage of the latest studio additions: AEA R84 ribbon mic and AEA’s TRP mic preamps.

august 17, 2015

recorded the source violin material for this 46-minute electroacoustic work from kenneth kirschner at the studio back in february.


september 2, 2015

three new records that i was involved in on the mixing front are out this month.


john hébert

rambling confessions


john hébert / bass

billy drummond / drums

andy milne / piano

jen shyu / voice

release date: sept. 2015

credit: mixed

jen shyu

sounds and cries of the world

[pi recordings]

jen shyu / vocals, piano
ambrose akinmusire / trumpet
mat maneri / viola

thomas morgan / bass

dan weiss / drums

release date: sept. 2015

credit: mixing, track 5

the bureau of atomic tourism

hapax legomena

[rat records]

teun verbruggen / drums

jozef dumoulin / rhodes

andrew d’angelo / alto sax
nate wooley / trumpet

hilmar jennson / guitar

tim dahl / bass

release date: sept. 2015

credit: mixed


october 13, 2015

location recording setup for tracking marc ribot solo in st. peter’s church (performing john cage adaptations for guitar).


october 17, 2015

in arizona, working behind the board with vijay iyer, mike ladd, & co. on their holding it down show at the gammage theater.

january 5, 2016

spent some time over the holidays learning and recording a piece i’ve loved since first hearing it almost ten years ago: ben monder’s “oceana”. seemed like a good project to learn my way around my new video camera too...


april 30, 2016

the last few months have been a whirlwind of engineering, mixing, mastering, location recording (and even some live sound) on an assortment of really interesting projects. the studio has also added a variety of new analog outboard pieces, some of which are pictured on the right.

in january, i finished mixing on drummer will mason’s happy place, a noise/math-rock project featuring 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, and some trance-inducing polyrhythmic writing. also mastered the project in april... it’s due out on exit stencil records later this year. later in the month, i got to work with one of my favorite composer/performers, saxophonist steve lehman, editing an incredible hip-hop project of his called sélébéyone. this one will be out in the fall on pi recordings.

february included mixing and mastering pianist
mara rosenbloom’s beautiful trio record prairie burn (fresh sound records) and finishing up a record by the happy valley band that can only be described (without hyperbole) as insane. bandleader david kant developed an algorithm that allows the deconstruction of audio from pop songs into individual instruments, which are then transcribed (somewhat imprecisely... or, perhaps more accurately, way too precisely) into notation. the band then attempts to perform these almost unplayable computer transcriptions along with the original vocal from the pop tune. i also engineered that one at the bunker studio; it’ll be out on the band’s indexical label later this year. i also helped my friend dan weiss with live sound at his CD release show for sixteen: drummer’s suite, a record i can heartily recommend.

march began with mastering young pianist
addison frei’s latest record, which is sort of a piano trio + guests format. we also mixed the record together back in 2015. this is definitely a pianist and trio i will be keeping my eye on... a really nice chemistry on this album. that’s out soon on armored records, i believe. i then spent a week at the stone recording audio and video for pianist matt mitchell’s weeklong residency there, including a variety of mind-bending sets. somewhere in there, i also managed to engineer a quintet record for guitarist gene ess at the bunker. his group included drummer clarence penn, pianist manual valera, vocalist thana alexa, and bassist yasushi nakamura and featured a great bunch of new compositions by gene. we just finished mixing that a few days ago and it should be out this summer on simp records.

april was another crazy month with two trips out of town with vijay iyer and mixing/mastering several new projects. vijay first curated a two-day festival at harvard in early april, followed by a performance of his holding it down: the veterans‘ dreams project in philladelphia later in the month. i ran the front-of-house sound for both of those. in between, i got to mix saxophonist michaël attias‘ new quartet record with nasheet waits, john hébert, and pianist aruan ortiz. i first worked with michaël on his 2012 release spun tree. this new one will also be released on clean feed records. also put the finishing touches and mastered the result of long-term collaboration with thingNY, a new music group that blends aspects of modern composition with idiosyncratic speech/text settings. i engineered, mixed, and mastered over the last year and half... this is a wild record which i am very happy will finally see the light of day. out on gold bolus recordings at some point soon...

i’ve just started mixing drummer
kate gentile’s mannequins album, another project that resists easy categorization, but one that i’m really excited about. i’ll be closing out the month today at ibeam in brooklyn recording a set by cellist hank roberts and his sextet.

that’s a lot of stuff. my next update will return to the usual 1-2 sentence format.


burl b2 bomber adc
apogee symphony i/o
phoenix nicerizer
bricasti m7
chandler tg1
retro sta-level
kush clariphonic
alan smart c1
pendulum pl-2

neve 33609
lachapell 992eg

cranesong avocet

may 16, 2016

the studio is now certified by apple to deliver
mastered for itunes masters to record labels and aggregators. more info on the process can be found here:



june 17, 2016

summer 2016  //  sound journal

i’ve decided to semi-regularly document some audio experiments-in-progress revolving around the Fender Rhodes and the myriad ways of processing and looping it with guitar pedals.

although not necessarily a stranger to the use of signal processing as a creative tool (e.g. DAWs, Max/MSP), I am new to employing pedals. i've been finding that this way of working provides an intuitive/spontaneous platform for creating sounds that would often be much more laborious to achieve in a DAW. the purpose of this journal is to encourage regular experimentation with (and documentation of) different signal chains & working methods, investigating devices in isolation and in interaction with one another.

i've also been finding that my emotional response to a texture, loop, or harmonic idea can be vastly different when I'm playing it and when I listen back later. i'd like to explore this discrepancy, being open to recording ideas that I don't "like" in the moment to see if my response changes over time.

the goal is to post a few sounds per week throughout the summer (and perhaps longer, if it goes well).



july 18, 2016


my first article for tape op magazine, on jazz recording engineer james farber, is out now. james has engineered some of my all-time favorite records for artists such as brad mehdau, kurt rosenwinkel, and john scofield. i have been curious to find out more about his approach for years -- as far as i am aware, there are no other published full-length interviews with him. so it was an honor and an education to have an in-depth conversation with james on everything from his musical background and his engineering technique, to his experiences working on countless classic jazz recordings over the last 30 years.

if you subscribe to tape op, you can read the article on their website here:

i have also made the full-length article available in the writing section of this site.


august 20, 2016

i am now on instagram. follow me there for some updates from this summer, such as my first round of solo rhodes & electronics performances, some recent recording sessions, & other miscellany.



september 5, 2016

some great records i worked on earlier in 2016 are out now...

marc ribot and the young philadelphians: live in tokyo (mastered, enja)

steve lehman: sélébéyone (editing, pi recordings)

florent ghys’ bonjour: bonjour (mixed/mastered, cantaloupe)

rick parker and li daiguo: free world music (mixed/mastered, eleven2eleven)

october 7, 2016

on sunday october 23, i will be presenting a duo set with sound artist hiroshi ebina at scholes street studio in williamsburg. building on some of this summer’s work, the music will incorporate fender rhodes, glockenspiel, modular synthesizers, laptop, found objects, and an array of looping devices.

the performance will be part of an afternoon of music organized by a collective of musicians, including guitarist gene ess and pianist sebastien ammann. more information.

october 23, 2016 / scholes street studio / 375 lorimer street, brooklyn / 12:45 pm

november 16, 2016

two excellent records that i had the opportunity to mix earlier this year are out this month:


anna webber: binary





october 19, 2016

wrapping up mixing today on a mary halvorson & sylvie courvoisier duo record, due out in early 2017. we recorded in this one in august on-location at sylvie’s house. fun way to make a record!


november 29, 2016

the cellar and point’s ambit just turned 2 years old. the cd will be 50% off through march 2017 through the cellar and point’s website.

january 26, 2017

mary halvorson and sylvie courvoisier’s crop circles (engineered on-location, then mixed and mastered by yours truly) out today on relative pitch records.


january 31, 2017

spent the day at masterdisk with engineer scott hull cutting lacquers for an upcoming solo saxophone + electronics record that i mixed for neil leonard.


february 17, 2017

i am excited to announce a new project in collaboration with electronic musician/composer kenneth kirschner, that will be having its debut performance in march.

the project marks a new development in my compositional work, an idea i’ve been  toying with for a while but never quite got around to completing. the basic premise is the creation of a piece of software that can generate a unique, rule-based score in real-time and distribute it to performers via networked computers. one consequence of this is that a composer can interact with a composition as it is being performed, changing things like orchestration, dynamics, form, and harmonic structure on the fly.

my initial foray into this paradigm is a piece called 90 structures, which will be performed at the concert in march. in addition, i’ve collaborated with ken to realize two of his electronic works for small ensemble. more information about the collaboration and the concert can be found here.


j  o  s  e  p  h  b  r  a  n  c  i  f  o  r  t  e

will mason’s happy place: northfield exitstencil



march 16, 2017

the debut of my new collaborative chamber project with kenneth kirschner was last night in brooklyn. the program featured two of ken’s electronic compositions that i transcribed and arranged for chamber ensemble, as well the debut of my real-time notation system using custom software and networked laptops.

video excerpts of the performance can be found here:

90 STRUCTURES (branciforte)

APRIL 20, 2015 (kirschner, arr. branciforte)

march 22, 2017


march 24, 2017


on the road for the next 5 days with steve lehman’s sélébéyone, who put out one of my favorite records of 2016, running front-of-house sound.

march 24 / painted bride/ phialdephia, pa

march 25 / big ears festival / knoxville, tn

march 27 / merkin hall / new york, ny

march 28 / princeton university / princeton, nj

three new releases that i had a hand in engineering, mixing, &/or mastering out this month:

michaël attias

nerve dance

[clean feed]

credit: mixed

the happy valley band

organvm perceptvs


credit: engineered + mixed

amp trio


credit: mixed + mastered

april 10, 2017


some upcoming performances on fender rhodes + electronics that i am particularly excited about:

april 28 / quad surround performance with neil leonard / washington st. gallery / somerville, ma

may 2 / cornelius cardew’s treatise / abrons art center / new york, ny

june 23 / duo with theo bleckmann / shapeshifter lab / brooklyn, ny

more info can be found on the events page.

april 26, 2017


the brooklyn post-production studio has been re-designed!

we’ve added some beautiful new barefoot reference monitors, a separate capture station for mastering, a host of new toys and analog outboard gear, and have further optimized the acoustics and ergonomics of the room. check out the
mixing/mastering page for more info, or get in touch about an upcoming session.

april 25, 2017

part one of a recent conversation i had with 12k label founder taylor deupree is out today on tiny mix tapes. taylor and i discussed the joys and difficulties of running a a small experimental label in today’s climate of streaming, music promotion, and social media.


july 11, 2017

recorded the final night of tribute concerts to the late great guitarist allan holdsworth at the iridium last week. featuring members of allan’s most recent touring quartet virgil donati, evan marien, & steve hunt plus a slew of great guitarists (tim miller, nir felder, alex machacek, alex skolnick), the night was a chance to break out the new 24-channel mobile recording rig.

july 25, 2017

spent some time in norway overseeing live sound for vijay iyer’s week as artist-in-residence at the molde jazz festival last week. also got the chance to work with steve lehman and the selebeyone crew again on the first night of the festival. with a couple days free in the middle of the week, i was able to drive the country and snap some shots of the breathtaking landscapes between molde and bergen.

backstage with with steve lehman and selebeyone

vijay iyer’s holding it down

bjornsonhuset venue, molde

june 27, 2017

excerpt of last week’s duo performance with theo bleckmann.

joseph branciforte // fender rhodes, modular synthesizer, glockenspiel, loops
theo bleckmann // voice, loops, objects

june 10, 2017

debuted a new generative work, 0123 for low string quartet, last friday at the confetti machine realtime media festival. the piece comprises an exhaustive voice-leading system connecting all the playable permutations a single tetrachord. rhythmic values and dynamics are generated during performance; the resultant score is displayed to performers via networked laptops, while the harmonic database is displayed live to the audience as an evolving grid of data points via projector.

debut performance: june 2, 2017

alec hall, violin
carrie frey, viola
lester st. louis, cello

jonathan harris, double bass

august 9, 2017

update from the the record-making front.

here are some pictures of recording, mixing, and mastering sessions from this summer. many of these albums set to be released later in 2017 or early 2018.

engineering lukas ligeti septet,
brooklyn recording

engineering terrence mcmanus trio,
greyfade studio

engineering ghost ensemble,

the bunker

engineering franklin kiermyer quartet,
studio mozart

mastering travis laplante/gerald cleaver duo,
greyfade studio

mixing ben richter’s sun people,
greyfade studio

august 26, 2017

recording kurt rosenwinkel live at the village vanguard this week and next.

september 18, 2017

the last few weeks have included a number of mobile recordings in nyc: kurt rosenwinkel trio and quintet at the village vanguard, kris davis trio, sara serpa/mark turner/zeena parkins, and more. i’ve been concurrently working on a 4-part article series on computer algorithms in acoustic music composition that is due out on newmusicbox next month.

kurt rosenwinkel at the village vanguard

kris davis trio at the stone at new school

sara serpa / mark turner / zeena parkins at the drawing center

october 10, 2017

the first of four articles i've written for New Music Box on the topic of computer algorithms & acoustic music is out today.


over the next month, i'll be delving into topics such as generative harmony & counterpoint, networked notation in max/msp, realtime orchestration, and musical applications of combinatorics. these are areas that have been occupying much of my time over the last year, both research-wise and in my own composition, and i'm excited to share some of the discoveries i've made along the way.

i'll also be speaking with a few friends later in the series: dan tepfer, kenneth kirschner, florent ghys, and jeff snyder of the princeton laptop orchestra.

october 16, 2017

the second article in my series for New Music Box is out today:


this week, i explore the possibility of creating an "interactive score"—one that can be continuously modified during performance—through the use of networked computers. this is something i long wished possible, allowing the improvisational flexibility to change musical parameters like dynamics, harmony, rhythm, and form in a synchronized way across an ensemble.

i delve into some historical background, musical applications, and technical implementation using Max/MSP over a local network.

october 23, 2017

the third article in my series for New Music Box is out today:


this week's post is perhaps my favorite in the series, exploring algorithmic approaches to harmony, counterpoint, and orchestration. i dive into some of my current research/work such as creating and searching a harmonic database according to vertical and horizontal rules, the application of contrapuntal principles to generative music, and realtime approaches to orchestration.

october 30, 2017

the fourth and final article in my series for New Music Box is out today. it’s a roundtable discussion with composer/performers dan tepfer, kenneth kirschner, florent ghys, and jeff snyder on the topic of computer algorithms in acoustic music:


november 5, 2017

berklee college of music, where i studied electronic music production and design  from 2004 to 2007, recently interviewed me about my work as a recording engineer, composer, & musician for their alumni magazine.


november 24, 2017

recording guitar and keys overdubs for a new solo album from guitarist nir felder this week.

finally broke down and made a facebook page for greyfade studio

february 23, 2018

just announced:
ryuichi sakamoto, taylor deupree, joseph branciforte, & theo bleckmann play a 90-minute set at national sawdust in brooklyn on april 26, 2018.

info and tickets here:

april 8, 2018

in the studio today recording "april 20, 2015" -- an electronic work by kenneth kirschner that i arranged for modified piano trio.

kirschner and i will release a joint album in late 2018/early 2019 featuring works for acoustic ensemble created through electronic and/or algorithmic means.

(jade conlee, piano; mariel roberts, cello; meaghan burke, cello)

april 24, 2018

spent the last two days in the studio recording a duo record with the one and only theo bleckmann. we perform on thursday april 26 at national sawdust alongside ryuichi sakamoto and taylor deupree.

august 15, 2018

part two of my conversation with taylor deupree is out in this month’s tape op magazine. for those who don’t subscribe (you should, it’s free!), you can read the full article here.

july 27, 2018

some new mixing gear has been added to the studio’s collection:

api 560
urei 1178
chandler ltd-1
thermionic culture vulture

roland space echo re-201
empirical labs distressor el8-x

current gear list can be found the studio page.

may 1, 2018

last week’s performance with ryuichi sakamoto, theo bleckmann, taylor deupree at national sawdust.

june 20, 2018

a couple records recently mastered here at the studio out this month:

david crowell & simon jermyn: spirit spout (skirl records)

blankfor.ms: it smears right as  (not art records)

hiroshi ebina: evanescent
kinsmen & strangers: faustian pact

september 25, 2018

my review of aea’s r44 ribbon microphone, a part-for-part recreation of the iconic rca type 44 (produced from 1932-1955), is out in this month's issue of tape op magazine.

in addition to auditioning a pair of these mics on all the usual suspects (brass, winds, upright bass, guitar, drums, vocals), i also arranged a head-to-head shootout against a pair of the originals at the bunker studio in brooklyn.

you can read the review

october 1, 2018

recording grammy-winning pianist eilane elias at the yahama piano showroom in manhattan today. brought out the schoeps omnis and aea r88s for a matched two-piano setup.

october 29, 2018

mixing sidecar for simon jermyn / charlotte greve record. getting modular & pedald involved via the radial reamp box.

november 3, 2018

engineering a session for the new york city guitar orchestra, a 25+ piece ensemble of classical guitarists, on oktaven's new api legacy board.

january 1, 2019

0123, a fixed version of a generative composition for string quartet, is just about wrapped up and ready for rehearsal. the piece was conceived and generated in max/msp, recorded as midi in logic, and engraved in sibelius -- a new compositional process i’ve been experimenting with. to be recorded in early 2019 and released later in the year.

a few articles i wrote last year on the topic of generative composition can be found here: 001 / 002 / 003 / 004

november 12, 2018

i am starting a record label in 2019.

it’s something i’ve wanted to do for a while now, but i am finally ready to take it on.

the first 2 releases will be collaborations of my own — a duo album with theo bleckmann and a project of algorithmic works for chamber ensemble with kenneth kirschner. the music will be minimal, spacious, and free of clutter, as will the design. there will be physical editions of 100-200 (vinyl or CD) as well as direct high-resolution digital downloads (96k/24b). no spotify/streaming.

my only goal at this point is to release the highest quality music i can possibly muster: creatively, conceptually, and sonically.

stay tuned... and happy 2019!

april 13, 2019

i am excited to announce the birth of my new record label.

it is called greyfade, and will be releasing high-resolution editions of experimental electronic music, algorithmic composition, and minimalist forms of acoustic and chamber music.

the first release is a duo recording from vocalist theo bleckmann and myself called LP1. it will be out on june 21, 2019 in vinyl and high-resolution digital editions.

i have been listening to theo's music since i was 16 years old, and he has been a continuous inspiration ever since -- it is a dream and an honor to make music with this guy. i am particularly excited about this album because i really feel that it has pushed both of us into brand new musical territory -- it is a look forward, rather than back.

i will have more to say about the label in the coming weeks, but i wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that's supported me thus far, and helped get this operation off the ground. i am excited about what's to come.

april 12, 2019

ben monder’s new double record is out today on sunnyside records.

i had the pleasure of recording & mixing disc 1, a collection of solo guitar arrangements, produced by patrick zimmerli.

working with ben on this recording and his last sunnyside record hydra are among the highlights of my 10 years of recording & mixing albums. ben’s dedication to a musical vision is something that’s inspired me for years, and i’ve learned a lot through the process of making these records with him.

you can buy the new album here, or read a nice article in the new york times about it here.

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june 21, 2019

LP1, the debut album from myself and vocalist theo bleckmann, is out today in both vinyl & digital editions via greyfade.

the album was created from live improvisations recorded at my studio in brooklyn last year, and features theo on voice & electronics and myself on fender rhodes, modular synthesizers, found objects, and processing.

you can read a few reviews of the album here:

all about jazz

purchase from greyfade  //   purchase from bandcamp

november 15, 2019

happy to be featured recently on the excellent sound + process podcast, episode 19.

you can listen to/download the episode on apple podcasts or soundcloud.

september 20, 2020

my new home mixing room is starting to take shape.

designed by jim keller of
sondhus, it’s been quite a learning experience to go through the design & build process this summer.

looking forward to mixing & mastering (and eventually recording... more on that soon) many great records from home over the next few years.