j  o  s  e  p  h  b  r  a  n  c  i  f  o  r  t  e

in summer 2016, i began documenting my explorations of the fender rhodes piano as a point of departure for live electronics, looping, and textural improvisation. several times per week i recorded and posted a short piece of audio on soundcloud, with an explanatory note describing the equipment, signal flow, and any interesting sonic discoveries -- a practice i’ve continued on and off since then, both there and on youtube instagram. the setup has expanded outward from the fender rhodes, now incorporating euroack modular processing, open source hardware (monome grid, critter & guitari organelle), cassette loops, analog synthesizers, contact mics, and found objects.

in addition to a handful of live performances (some solo, others in collaboration with artists such as ryuichi sakamoto & taylor deupree), i’ve recently finished recording a duo album with vocalist theo bleckmann in this format, which should be released in late 2018 or early 2019.

a solo record of works similar to my youtube/soundcloud sounds should follow shortly after that.

first experiment with micro-looping on the hexe revolver.

glockenspiel feeding the ehx 45000, rhodes into the 22500, with big sky and el capistan on aux sends of the mixer. big sky is set in shimmer an octave down and the el capistan is in sound-on-sound mode.

a 4-layer loop on the ehx 45000. the glitchy sound panned right is an interesting one i found by fiddling with the end of a patch cable and sampling it into the montreal assembly count to five (pitched down, reversed, and jumping around in the sample). that feeds the el capistan in "sound on sound" mode... so it's kind of a loop that's recording over itself asymmetrically.

solo electronics 

experiment #2 with double cassette loops... this time with bowed glockenspiel.

experiment with the ehx freeze into hexe revolver. two long asynchronous loops on the 22500.

coming soon.



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